Would you like to see when the last 4 ad blocks on channels RTL Klub, TV2, M1, Duna, M2 and M4 was on?
How about a couple of the aired advertisements?

Media Intelligence

We monitor TV channels in real time and recognize advertisements automatically during ad breaks. By building a database of the information and giving you access you can improve the impact, efficiency and reach of your campaign!

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Our solution is:


Use it the way you want, when you want it.

Real Time

Ad database records are updated no later than 1 hour after appearance of ad!


No room for human error, the recognition process is automatized


Get the data You want! Get nothing else.

Enabling you to:


Stay up to date about the performance of your TV ad outlays.


Monitor competitor spending, ratings and creative activity!


Evaluate your AD campaigns


View single ADs in our database for creative control.


Create comparative reports about ad campaigns


Check the delivery of your ads on the monitored channels


Our aim is to deliver the best and most up to date information to our subscibers. We also believe in constant improvement. If you are a company that believes that they have information, data or other resources to contribute to our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a possible cooperation.


If you have relevant, connected content or other resources, please contact us for a cooperation.


We are open to license our technology in the framework of bespoke contructions!


There is still a lot we want to do. If you think you can help us achieve our goals, let's have a chat!

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